Work Desk

Personnel Action Form

The Team Member/Personnel Action Form is used for all team member actions. This is a universal form that is used for stylist, shift leads, salon managers, district leader assignments to document any personnel action, including vacation request, separations, and change in assignment or compensation.

All sections must be complete for processing. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact us for assistance. 

P.A.F. Calls to Action

Change in Assignment

  • Promotion-Placement into a classification at a higher range

  • Transfer- Transfer into another position or assignment; please indicate if it is voluntary or involuntary

  • Demotion- Placement into a classification at a lower range


If other than resignation or retirement- additional information must be provided regarding the personnel action.

Disciplinary Review

  • Unsatisfactory performance

  • Unprofessional attitude

  • Unexcused absenteeism

  • Tardiness

  • etc.