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 We appreciate how hard our team works and believe we all need time to enjoy celebrating the Holidays.

Salons will be closed:

New Year’s Day

Easter Day

Thanksgiving Day

Christmas Day


Fulltime employees who work an average of 38+ hours each week may qualify for holiday pay. 

Employees must be in good standing and have no absences during the holiday week to qualify.


Please refer to the 2023 Calendar and Team Member Handbook for more information. 

Image by Marissa Grootes


Time off requests must be made 3 weeks in advance. Requested days off are subject to approval based on business.


Time off requests may not be during “GREEN DAYS” which are our busiest times during Holidays and Back to School. 


         Paid Time Off Qualifier

Fulltime Team Members 

working 38+ hours per week may qualify for Paid Time Off (PTO) Granted hours are based on

 years of employment.


*PTO is a use it or lose it benefit,

expiring each calendar year.  

No payouts nor roll overs granted. 

Please plan your time off accordingly

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