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Department Resource Center

  • Time Keeping / Corrections

  • Payroll Processing

  • Information submissions including, but not limited to, the Internal Revenue Service, VA Department of Revenue, Social Security Administration, VA Employment Security Commission, 401K, and more.

  • Function as the liaisons between the Team Members, banking institution and payroll processors

  • Define types of pay;

  • Define new deductions;

  • Define types of leave / PTO;

  • Accrue Team Member leave / PTO;

  • Record and track PTO / usage of leave;

Former Employees

W2's for former employees have been mailed to the address that we have on file.

All former employees must complete the W2 Request Form to receive a digital copy of their W2. 

Current Employees

If you have not received your W2, or if it was damaged during delivery, please log into your Paychex portal to retrieve a digital copy Use company ID: 20017843 / W2 Tile

If you are unable to retrieve your W2 through the Paychex portal, please submit the W2 Request.



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